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 Niagara Sexual Assault Centre History 

CARSA, (Committee Against Rape and Sexual Assault), incorporated in 1977, was started by 5 women as a resource center for victims of sexual assault.


Through a government grant, their first 24-hr crisis line was established as well as the development of a volunteer core, and the beginnings of a public education program. They developed the FIRST rape evidence kit…the same one that is used today across the province.

In 1991, the name was changed to Niagara Region Sexual Assault Centre, CARSA Inc.

Over 35 years later the Niagara Region Sexual Assault Centre (CARSA Inc.) continues to provide a high quality of service across the Niagara Region. They provide individual and group therapy programs for both women and men. Their core of highly trained volunteers provides thousands of hours on the crisis line each year. Their public education programs have become a main stay of schools in each community, from grade 1 through 12.

The Centre runs as a modified collective with a board of directors who are an integral part of the operations.


The Attorney General funds 60% of the operations.  The Centre is responsible to fundraise the remaining dollars. This event fundraising will go directly to the Centre.  

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