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Our 5km and 10km routes are designed to walk, run or roll for individuals who want to challenge themselves. 


As this is a Halloween themed run, costumes are encouraged.  Hydration stations will include candy and chocolate to be enjoyed during the event or later.  Trick or Treat Bags will be provided for all participants at registration.

The following images show our 5km and 10km walk, run or roll options to this event.  

Our 5km participants start at Pathstone Mental Health and head out onto Pathstone Way to Third Street Louth.  Continuing onto Fifth Avenue where you will turn around and head back to the start.    

10km route is for our seasoned runners, walkers and rollers who enjoy distance. The route begins at Pathstone Mental Health on Pathstone Way, continues to Third Street Louth, turning onto Fifth Avenue Louth, turning right onto Seventh Street Louth to Third Avenue Louth, turning onto Third Street Louth and returns to Pathstone Mental Health.

All participants will be able to participate in the Trick or Treat Alley and Candy Bar while enjoying a coffee or hot chocolate, and may even receive a few high fives and cheering from participants and spectators.   

5Km route

10Km route

10k route.PNG
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