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Joanne Leblanc

Joanne was born, raised and lives in the Niagara Region. Her professional background is enriched by the experience gained while working children's mental health for 21 years, teaching yoga and volunteering for many organizations and charities. When Joanne is not spending time with her partner and their two dogs, she loves to run, cycle, swim, travel, garden and play a variety of sports. Joanne is committed to spreading the word on the benefits of movement as it pertains to the body, mind and spirit.   

Louisa Drost

An outdoor enthusiast best describes Louisa.  She was born in the Niagara region and currently resides in the Brant County area.  A loving wife and mom of two teenagers she spends her days being active including playing with her Golden Doodle.  She loves hiking, motorcycle rides, running, cycling and swimming.  Lazy days are not part of her vocabulary.  In her professional life, she is a keen ambassador of student wellness at a local Post Secondary institution and gives back to her community through volunteering and charity work. 

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