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This year we are working with Pathstone Mental Health, in St Catharines, Ontario again.

Service dogs and companions in support of participants are welcome and may register free of charge


We believe the power of movement contributes to positive Mental Wellbeing.   Strides2Wellness views Pathstone Mental Health as a champion for Children's Mental Health in the Niagara Region. 


We share a mutual philosophy that families benefit from connecting, including time to engage in movement.  Get active as a family away from technology and smart phones.  Enjoy the simplicity that nature provides us everyday.  Social media will always be there, but proven by us and our constant state of positive energy, conversations, fresh air and physical activity are the best way to go back to the basics of life.  Well, we did a bit of research too.   


Pathstone is the leading Mental Health agency in the Niagara Region.  They support children and families on a holistic pathway to wellness.  We view their vision similar to ours with the notion that families who engage

in physical activity during times of disconnection or mental unwellness more often than not experience a bond that is nurturing, loving and supportive.  


Sometimes the outcome is getting to know each other's strengths and building on those to bring forward a new family relationship

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